For Go ADU, building additional dwelling units in Los Angeles is so much more than a job. It’s a passion! Each ADU is unique, but they are always the highest quality craftsmanship that you can feel proud of as the owner. While every project may be different, we consistently put customer satisfaction first. From the planning to financing to project management, every detail is important to us. And it shows in the quality of our results!

Our experience is one of the greatest reasons why homeowners across California choose us. Even people who don’t know what they’re looking for in an ADU turn to us because we’ll help them determine what’s best for their needs. Our expert advice is a tremendous asset!

Because of our experience, we know that an ADU to your property can add value in multiple ways. Whether you choose to rent out the unit or use the space yourself and sell your house at a higher price later on, an ADU will help you reach your financial goals faster. This can make the pain of living in an expensive city like Los Angeles a little more manageable.


The Go ADU team understands the rules and regulations surrounding ADUs. You can have peace of mind knowing that our team is taking care of all your ADU-related needs! Because we get all the proper documentation, you’ll never have to be worried about legal fees in the future.

Focus on Financial Freedom

While an ADU can enhance the appearance of your property and provide more living space, we know it can be so much more than that. When done right, an ADU increases your property’s value and your equity. It’s also an opportunity for rental income. Go ADU maximizes your ROI!

Fresh Designs

We know you don’t want your ADU to look like everybody else’s. You want something that’s uniquely yours. While style trends come and go, you can trust us to come up with a design that’s fresh and exciting yet timeless. The design of your ADU will be as long-lasting as the quality!

See for Yourself!

If you’re interested in the value and convenience an ADU provides, give us a call! You can expect 100% quality on your Los Angeles additional dwelling unit. No matter how complex the job might be, you can expect Go ADU to be up for it.

Client Collaboration

Go ADU’s collaboration goes beyond working with our partners and team of experts. Because it’s your property, we are happy to hear your ideas. You can collaborate directly with our team. We do everything we can to produce the most satisfactory results.